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To be the leading provider of top-quality Pickleball equipment, fostering a community of passionate players and inspiring them to elevate their game to new heights. We envision Neoslick as the go-to destination that combines innovation, exceptional customer service, and a deep love for the sport, empowering Pickleball enthusiasts worldwide to achieve their full potential and experience the joy of the game.

Our Happy Customers!

I love Neoslick! They've got an excellent outdoor pickleball ball Vega 40, and they're all super affordable, every time I've ordered so far has been great. The Free Shipping is nice as well!

Sharon, Manchester

I order for my self from here all of the time! Shipping is Free, and it's pretty quick. Neoslick is great!

Laurie, NY

This is my 3rd order from here. I really love the customer support as they instantly get back with resolution if needed.


Peter, California